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girl time with a little crafting

mrs. c of the c’s i blogged about a while ago is rather crafty, as are quite a few of my other friends. so a few of us got together to have a relaxing afternoon of crafting, chatting and laughing. notice the lap top in the pic below, my craft right now is making photo books of our wedding for our parents. not quite the traditional crafter but nonetheless, i think it’s still crafting :-)

crafty ladies


answered prayer

“Praying/leading worship at Lindsey and Peter’s wedding—It was SUCH a beautiful experience!!!! I’ve been in a lot of weddings, but theirs was just phenomenal, the presence of God filled that place…” facebook photo caption

there was nothing we wanted more for our wedding than for the very real presence of God to be there. when i saw this on my friend’s facebook page today i felt such joy deep in my heart. and sensed the nearness of the Lord, gently reminding me how He answered our prayers for our wedding and He is faithful to do even more as we wait upon Him now. how quickly i can lose sight of what He has done in the past. i have such a grateful but flaw-filled human heart :-)


went to treat restaurant this weekend. highly reccomend it. good food and reasonable prices. didn’t hurt that i was in good company.

a reminder

i wore a reminder around my neck today.

two hearts, intertwined.

one heart is for the z’s and the other for our friends the c’s.

it’s to remind me how committed they are to praying for us and our marriage. i pray every couple is blessed with such a friendship. they were there with us through some really difficult times and never gave up on God for us. love you c’s.

proverbs 3:3

Let love and faithfulness never leave you;
bind them around your neck,
write them on the tablet of your heart.


my dear friend tracy

mr. z and i brought in the new year with one of my best friends and her husband at roy’s in chicago. the food was wonderful and the company even better. we realized we’ve almost spent every NYE together since i moved here eight years ago this month. completely unintentional but such a blessing!