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hope in action

You may have noticed a little section in the middle column here at ‘Life as a Z’ called Hope in Action. Right now it has three links but I’m hoping to really build out this section of the blog over time. In the coming days I’ll address each of the links already there but for now I just wanted to explain what exactly hope in action is. There are many organizations out there doing wonderful things to better peoples lives, and I’d like to help them be known by an even broader audience, even if that audience is just the faithful few who read this blog :-)

So moving forward I hope to grow the list of links you see over there with more organizations that I believe are acting on Love and bringing hope to people at home and abroad. I won’t include every organization whose path I might cross, but Lord willing there will be quite a few to come.

I want to be intentional with the content of this little space at ‘Life as a Z’ and use it in productive ways like telling the story of worthwhile organizations every so often. I hope you enjoy reading about them as I enjoy discovering them.