the end

It finally happened. I saw my name. At the end of the list. Yesterday marks the first time I saw my ‘Z’ at the end of a long list of people. It really was a little odd. It was just about 31 years that my eye had been trained to find my name at the top. I had to remind myself, I’m now at the end.

Sure, this might seem trivial but frankly, trying to find my name on the list is a simple but accurate illustration of where I find myself these days. Searching through this new routine and life finding myself in new and different places. It’s exciting, comforting and overwhelming all at once. But I’ve also come to find that the Lord often operates that way. Once I find myself in a place where I foolishly think I’ve mastered something, He moves me on. Keeping me dependant on Him. It’s not always an easy place to be, but it certainly is beautiful.  His ways and plans ALWAYS trump mine in creativity and adventure even if it means being last on the list :-)


About Lindsey Zarob

I’m an ordinary 30-something woman following Jesus and trying to live the best life I can. View all posts by Lindsey Zarob

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