i love to cook and my husband loves to eat anything homemade–truly a perfect match :-) ha! i thought i’d blog about a few things i’ve made lately. first, the open-face turkey sandwhich that my mom introduced me to years ago has become a favorite of mr. z’s.


fresh baked bread (i don’t make my own yet, but the bakery in the grocery store makes pretty tastey bread)

dijon mustard


deli thin sliced turkey

red onions

green apple

havarti cheese

stack ingredients on the bread and place it in the broiler on low and remove from oven after the cheese has browned or before it slides off! so stinkin’ good :-)

turkey goodness

cranberry scones! these are probbaly one of my most favorite things to make and they are quite easy. here’s the recipe i like to follow and some pics of the final product below. enjoy!

a few things to note, i omit the nuts and tend to use dried cranberries instead of fresh only because the store doesn’t always have fresh. also, if you like to bake anything that requires a cookie sheet i highly recommend getting a silpat or two. they help keep your cookie sheets pretty clean and enable even baking on your cookies and scones. another fabulous gift from my mom.


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