i’m sitting in the airport after an emotional 24 hours that ended in joy.

a dear friend of my husband’s since childhood unexpectedly lost his father sunday. last night was the wake and today was the funeral. we’re pretty wiped and all we did was show our support by being present. this death hit me hard. i think because it was so unexpected, because i just adore my husband’s friend and his entire family, because it’s the first tough thing we’ve experienced as a married couple and because it’s christmas.

i cried a lot today. i got pretty angry at points. and i watched. i watched this man’s family. i learned about this man’s legacy. and i left the day challenged to think about the legacy i’m making. the legacy we’ll make as a family.

i did not have the privilege of spending much time with him. and i’m rather saddened by that. i’m grateful for him though. for his family and what i got to witness today. his oldest son spoke about how you can tell a lot about a man by how he fathers. and i believe there is a lot of truth to that. he fathered well. he gave, he loved and he lived well with five incredible children and nine beautiful grandchildren to prove it.

his wake had a steady stream of people for six hours, at times the line was out the door. at the luncheon today his niece asked everyone to stand who had ever been helped by john, pretty much the entire room stood.

i’m challenged by his life and to really consider what i want to leave behind. what will our family look like? will we serve the Lord well and love people with the love of Christ so that one day it will be said that our lives glorified the Lord? they said john loved people like Christ loves people. i pray we love like that.



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